Friday, August 19, 2011

Glass Most Antiques

Glass has been used as the material for drinking vessels since ancient Roman times, if not earlier. Glass is easily cleaned, reusable and hygienic and has never gone out of fashion. Throughout the Middle Ages glass designs became more varied, particularly decorative ones made in German speaking areas.

As with most antiques, the rule is the earlier the date of manufacture the more expensive it becomes. At the top end of the market you will find the beautifully crafted 16th and 17th century Venetian goblets, decorated with filigrana bowls. The goblet was no ordinary domestic or tavern drinking vessel, it was often larger than normal drinking glasses and sometimes with a silver or silver-gilt cover. Goblets were given as presents and occasionally engraved to mark a particular event. They are, therefore, highly sought after today and prices are high.

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