Friday, August 12, 2011

Stained Glass Window Art

There is a certain amount of sophistication that one gets in a stained glass window. It is an old art form that has been enjoyed for centuries but there is a timeless feel to it. In fact more and more modern artists are using this medium to express themselves. The stain or color in a stained glass window is achieved by melting different types of metal oxides with silica, the material where glass is made from. Some of the many metal oxides that can be used include copper oxides for green glass, cobalt to make blue, and gold for red glass. The result is translucent glass that comes in many different colors and textures.stained-glassPart of the art is in the soldering that create the many portraits and landscapes that you see in old building and churches. These items are created by meticulously soldering pieces of copper or iron to serve as framework for the artistry to come.

During the dark ages, the influence of the Roman Empire was waning and new power was rising. More and more people were converting to Christianity among the people that converted were the rich and powerful families that held high positions in society. In order to cleanse their souls and secure a good place in heaven and society they offered to pay for expensive construction of places of worship. Part of their investment in spirituality came in the form of hiring artists and craftsmen to build wonderful stained glass art.
stained-glassIn the beginning, people used abstract patterns just for the beautification of the church. Some examples of this can be seen in skilled glass cutting stained glasses in the Meaux Cathedral in France. You can see 19th century Gothic window art in their windows.

As time progressed, technology of glass cutting and people's tastes progressed as well. Stained glass was also used for other purposes as well. Since majority of their congregation were illiterate, they could not teach them doctrine through books and other reading material. The various religions and churches used it to show passages of the bible and other important teachings like the way of the cross or the seven deadly sins. One of the places that include religious depictions can be seen in the Thomas Becket window in Canterbury. A portrait of Christ Majesty can also be seen in Strasbourg Cathedral as a testament to its former purpose.

As the art form grew, more people enjoyed the wonders of stained glass. Its influence went past the church's walls and found itself all over the city. It can be seen in many places that do not necessarily have to be a church. For example, a nice glass portrait of a man mixing chemicals can be seen in Yale University.

Majority of the most exquisite stained glass windows in history can be found in the towers and balconies of the beautiful chapels, churches and cathedrals but, there are places where you can get to see sights like this. Prepare yourself for an important step towards that dream home and you will see how easy can be like.

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