Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magnifying Glass Lamp

Magnifier lampsIrrespective of your talent in various fields such as making and designing jewellery, model making or as an artist, there are tools that prove to be of great use to you. Such tools come in handy when the size of the object is very small. Magnifier lamps can be used to view objects at a larger dimension. This makes each detail clear to the eyes by allowing light to be focussed on it. Thus it reduces strain on the eyes and helps you to continue the work for a longer time without getting exhausted thereby making it easier to complete the work faster.
MAGNIFYING GLASSThe type of magnifier lamp can be chosen based on the space available on your workbench and on your personal opinions.

1. The cheapest of the lamps available is the one with a base. It is useful if you tend to alter your site of work frequently. They occupy space on the workbench and may also require both the hands to manipulate and adjust their positions. This demands the work piece to be put down.

2. The next cheapest model is the lamp that is fixed onto the workbench by using screws and clamps. Their positions can be adjusted by moving the floating arms once they are fixed. The professional models that are available are very accurate and easy to work with.

3. In situations where your work piece takes up the entire space of your workbench, or if you don't always require a table to work, the best model of lamp suited for you would be the floor-standing lamp. These are commonly used by dentists, doctors, beauticians and manufacturing professional who require high clarity of details. Such lamps have body made from hard steel and springs and joints for easier adjustments. They have special lenses made from fibers of glass having negligible dispersion and reflection.

The three important factors to be taken into account while purchasing magnifier lamps are:

1. Magnifying glass

2. Light bulb

3. Mechanical parts

Commonly the diameters of the magnifying lens are around five or six inches. It is advisable not to save on this component as high quality lens cause less strain to the eyes and make work easier. If the major part of work is done during daytime using the lamp, then it is better to buy a high quality one.

Many types of bulbs are used in magnifier lamps such as the incandescent lamps, halogen lights, LED lights and fluorescent lamps. The main drawback of incandescent lamps is that they emit a lot of heat and have to be fixed usually close to the face. Full spectrum bulbs are used by artists to make sure that the colors demonstrate their natural hues.

The ease of usage and the stability of these lamps are directly affected by the mechanical parts. The lens can be adjusted to any position by using high caliber springs and joints. The adjustment capability of the lamp is directly affected by how rugged the construction is.

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