Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas Ornaments Glass

Christmas Ornaments GlassDo you have glass Christmas ornaments in your Christmas collection? Many of us do because the use of glass for Christmas decorations has been around for a very long time.

Christmas Ornaments GlassWhy do we use glass for our Christmas tree ornaments? Part of this appeal can be down to three things - history, the properties of glass and the variety of glass ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments GlassGlass Ornaments have been around since the 1840s when glass makers discovered that silvering the inside of the glass shapes they were making added to the appeal. Instead of just clear glass ornaments, hand painted Christmas ornaments were available and there are many vintage Christmas ornaments for use to look at.

Christmas Ornaments GlassThe detail that went into these glass decorations was amazing. As we generally feel nostalgic around Christmas time, it is not surprising that old fashioned decorations appeal to us.

Christmas Ornaments GlassGlass is very fragile which could make it unsuitable for ornamentation, but maybe its fragile nature adds to its appeal for Christmas trees. One of the lovely things about glass on trees is the way it reflects the lights. Clear glass Christmas ornaments will allow the Christmas lights to shine though the ornament and sparkle on the tree. Many glass decorations have been treated to enhance the reflective and sparkling nature of the glass.

Christmas Ornaments GlassThis is apparent when you consider Swarovski or Waterford crystal ornaments. The crystal Christmas ornaments reflect rainbows when light strikes them and makes them very popular for the tree. Christmas stars from this crystal ranges are collector's items and limited editions are released each year.

Christmas Ornaments GlassThere are so many different kinds of glass work used for ornaments it allows us a range of style to choose from. Some of the styles include crystal glass, plain glass, and glass sculpture. Then they are the differing ornaments made such as ball, painted shapes, icicles, stars, angels, glass beads used to create decorations and the list goes on.

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