Friday, December 30, 2011

Stained Glass Window 1

stained glass window
When you go to a stained glass artisan, don’t expect to walk in and tell him or her you want a window put in your door and then ask,”How much can it cost? ” The stained glass artisan cannot give you a quote off the top of his her head. There ’s a process to arriving at an amount for a stained glass window.
 glass windowWhen you are aware that you want a custom stained glass window, you need to arrive at the stained glass studio with a few facts and ideas before you ask a stained glass artisan to get a price quote. The first thing you need to know may be the exact measurement of the opening. The bottom price of a custom built stained glass piece commences with pricing based on square footage, then per piece. Therefore, the harder intricate the piece is, the more costly.
glass windowEach stained glass artisan has his her own pricing scale. A good example of just the basis of the quote would be: $125 per square foot plus $1.50 per piece inside the pattern for a stained glass window designed with lead came. A lower handle of $110 per square foot plus $1.50 per piece could possibly be given for a stained glass window developed with copper foil. But that ’s where it starts.

If you don ’t know what design to be in on and you request full-size cartoons (patterns) to check out on your opening, the stained glass artisan might charge $50 or maybe more per cartoon to cover his her an extension cord – especially if you decide not have the stained glass window made.

The glass used in a stained glass window has bearing on the cost. For instance, red glass is more expensive than some other colors because gold is a metal used in making red glass. The brand Kokomo glass is generally more expensive than Spectrum glass. Some of the ”art ” glass is more expensive than other glass.

Beveled glass and bevel clusters (especially if they have to be custom made) will often be far more expensive than stained glass. For an individual stained glass artisan to custom make bevel clusters, it will take a lengthy process. This would improve the quoted price for your custom stained glass window.

If you choose to have gems, glass globs or faceted jewels or rondels added to the design, these will increase the expense of your custom stained glass window. Some gems will set you back than others, and these add to the intricacy in the work to be done.

Other considerations within the overall cost of your stained glass window are installation and how it will be framed and choice . artisan will be responsible for framing and installation. The stained glass artisan may refer you to a framer or a carpenter if your artisan does not do the installation. Other costs include things like whether or not a storm window is protected or if the stained glass piece will probably be sandwiched and weather-sealed between two items of glass.

It will help the stained glass artisan to understand what type of glass to choose if you know whether or not you need glass which will provide total privacy. Can there be anything that you would like to bring in the stained glass design like nature or flowers? Do you need colors or just clear textures? Does one like Prairie style or Art Nouvea?

When you have a design and the glass chosen and also the finished size, your stained glass artisan should be able to give you a price on your beautiful custom stained glass window.

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