Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bohemian and French Glass Designs

glass paintFrom the 1800s English manufacturers also began to produce cased glass wares, inspired by Bohemian and French glass. Look out for these designs because cased glass in good condition is a rare find. The technique of successfully fusing glass of different colours was a difficult task because the colours cooled at different rates, hence their scarcity.
stained glass paintGlasses with coloured bowls and clear stems became popular during the end of the 19th century and were probably manufactured specifically for white wine, which was very popular in the Victorian era. When walking around auctions and fairs you may notice quite a large number of green and cranberry designs as these were the most popular. Other colours such as yellow, blue and amethyst are much rarer.

If you want to start collecting antique wine glasses you will be spoilt for choice and while you can pay thousands of pounds for a single glass there are many antique wine glasses that can be picked up quite cheaply

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