Monday, August 29, 2011

Popularity Colours of Glass

glass block-01The popularity of air-twists declined during the mid 18th century when the opaque-twist (or enamel twist) was introduced. Opaque-twists can be easily identified by the presence of solid spirals of enamel - generally in the same formations as the air-twists. At first opaque-twists were entirely white, but after 1765 they were available in various colours, including a mixture of white and coloured, white and air-twist, or occasionally coloured and air-twist.
Popularity Colours of Glass
Different colours of glass have varying cooling rates, which makes some coloured rods more fragile. Yellow and blue twists, for example, are much rarer and sought after by collectors than red and green. Whereas a simple opaque-twist stem wine glass can be purchased for a relatively low price, coloured stems can reach thousands.

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